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Gudar Administrative & Financial Services Inc. was established in 2001 by G.D. Roqué. Since its inception, Gudar Inc. has been providing affordable bookkeeping, administration, auditing, consulting, tax and other services to the domestic and international community.

Consistent with the Gudar Inc. philosophy, the Company has maintained a strong commitment to service. We believe that a successful professional relationship with our clients is based on an understanding of their needs coupled with excellent personal communication. The more we know about our clients business and goals and their operating practices, the better equipped we are to provide them with the most efficient and effective professional service and advice.

Our spotless reputation is consistent with the continuity between our organization and its clients. We are a firm that is committed to providing our clients with a most singular and innovative approach to solve their problems, making them more efficient and fulfilling their administrative, operative and accounting needs assisting them to the full extent of our capacity.



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